Infinite Zounds – the Quizzing blog is back!

From class 6-12, my favourite thing in life was quizzing. Weekends were for quizzing, weekdays to prepare. The friendships formed and the confidence gained through quizzing are things I am always grateful for. Back in those days, the best quizzing blog for Indian Quizzing was Infinite Zounds – a fine blog run by Ramanand. Coincidentally,… Continue reading Infinite Zounds – the Quizzing blog is back!

Underdogs, Akala, and Personal Finance

Hi,  Hope you are doing well.  The book I am recommending today is: David & Goliath: underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants by Malcolm Gladwell.  In this book, Gladwell challenges the assumption that to be poorer, weaker, or less skilled is necessarily a disadvantage. He examines what it means to be disadvantaged, why… Continue reading Underdogs, Akala, and Personal Finance

Archer, Music, and the Imperial Raj

Hi, Hope you are doing well. I find myself going back more and more towards fiction and I read Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Over my dead body’ this weekend. The fourth instalment in the William Warwick series, the book pits Warwick against his arch-nemesis, Miles Faulkner. Written in traditional Archer-esque fashion, this book discards some fantastic characters from… Continue reading Archer, Music, and the Imperial Raj

Podcast Recommendation

The Seen and the Unseen, by Amit Varma You know those Monday mornings where you dread waking up to do some mind numbing office work on Word or Excel and wish you could quit your job and do something intellectually stimulating? Well the world is a hard place and we are stuck in our jobs,… Continue reading Podcast Recommendation

Psychology of Money

Over the last year, I have been actively consuming a lot of content on personal finance. The most popular book from last year on this topic was The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. As someone starting my career and receiving my first real salary, it was important for me to start saving/investing as soon as possible. At… Continue reading Psychology of Money

WFH Workstation – Setup + What to buy

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Hope you are doing well. You remember after work yesterday you felt your aching back and decided to never stoop while working again? Guess who is stooping again!  Over the last year and a half, many of us have tried adopting to the WFH model, succeeding partly, if at all. As a student, I did… Continue reading WFH Workstation – Setup + What to buy

Youtube Channels to Explore

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Hi, Hope you are doing well. Too lazy to read, I have been binging YouTube these days. If you are like me, you would not normally watch YouTube videos on screenplays, math, or other things that we do not normally work with. But if you are generally curious and wanna check out random stuff, do… Continue reading Youtube Channels to Explore

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