Physics, Physique and Music

I had saved this draft as November 28, 2021 – when I was supposed to send it. But laziness got the better of me, I had not read a book good enough for me to recommend, and work had gotten intense. However, these are my recommendations for the week:

  1. The Three Body Problem, by Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu).I never read science fiction. However, with a lot of goading from my college roommate and my flatmate (2 diff people), I am now checking out science fiction that really makes me think. In this book, Liu explores what it means to live on earth, how immersive worlds could be, and the role of religion, especially for atheist scientists. Fun book, first book in a trilogy and a good gateway drug to science fiction. This book made me pick up two more sci-fi books, the second part of this series and a wonderful collection by Ted Chiang.
  2. R Ashwin: ‘I’ve always been good at assessing batsmen, but now I think I’ve taken it to another level’, interview with Sidharth Monga.We often fail to appreciate the cerebral side to cricket. Ashwin is one of my favourite cricketers, and this article demonstrates why he is one of the greatest thinkers cricket has ever seen. 
  3. Cold Little Heart, by Michael Kiwanuka.Youtube gives us the weirdest recommendations, but I am thankful to it for introducing me to Kiwanuka. This track is also the BGM for the show, Big Little Lies.

It is good to be back. Hoping to get one issue to you each week. 


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