Apps to Explore – Readwise + Notion

Hope you are doing well. Today, I am sharing 2 apps that have thoroughly enjoyed over the last few months. 

You ever wonder what you learnt from that book you read 4 years ago on free speech and privacy only to realise that while you read a 500 page book and highlighted so many passages, you barely recollect anything? Readwise solves this problem. Once you sync your highlights, from your Kindle, Instapaper, or Twitter, Readwise will send your highlights to your inbox every day (or your preferred intervals). For the first month it is free and for a year, Readwise Lite costs you approximate 2000 rupees. You could also gain extra free months if you get your friends to subscribe. While I get this benefit if you subscribe through this link, I would recommend this service even if you do not use my link or if I did not get such benefits. 

Think about it, wouldn’t it be pleasant to be reminded of a beautiful poem that helped you get out of a bad phase in life, or that book you could never put down, or that twitter thread that blew your mind?

Our brain is a great machine to come up with ideas, but a shitty tool to store them. Think about this, there have been so many great things you have learnt in the last year, but there is no way you can remember or recall more than a 10% of that knowledge. However, with Notion, you could keep track of all your readings, and much more. It is more than just a note taking app, it is a repository for all your knowledge. This is what my Notion Reading List looks like:

List of Articles
Information about the Article
Template for Notes

While it is tedious to start building up a database, once I got to it, it has drastically improved my ability to recall what I read and how an argument was made. It would take time to compound, but over the years once I read and include 100s of articles, this would compound and I could be far better a thinker than I could be without this system. Plus for all basic uses, Notion is absolutely free!

Looking forward to writing to you soon. 

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