Adam Grant’s Give and Take

Lessons from the Book 💭Premise People are of 3 kinds – givers, takers, and matchers. Givers are other-centric and focus on generating value for others. Takers are self-centric and want to corner value for themselves. Matchers will generate value for others if the recipient can help them out later. 🗣️Book in a line Give without looking at… Continue reading Adam Grant’s Give and Take

Ali Abdaal on 20 lessons that improved his life

by Abhinav Hansaraman Ali Abdal posted a video about some lessons which changed his life. This is a summary of the 27 minute video. Summary The top of to-do list The 5 worries that dying people should be your compass (Paul Graham) Don’t ignore your dreams Don’t work too much Say what you think Cultivate… Continue reading Ali Abdaal on 20 lessons that improved his life