WFH Workstation – Setup + What to buy

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Hope you are doing well. You remember after work yesterday you felt your aching back and decided to never stoop while working again? Guess who is stooping again! 

Over the last year and a half, many of us have tried adopting to the WFH model, succeeding partly, if at all. As a student, I did not bother about how I was working, as I could afford to sleep in class and type my assignments while on my bed. As an adult (middle aged?) professional, I cannot afford those luxuries anymore. No longer on a student budget, I decided to spruce up my workstation at home. Here is what I bought and what worked for me – 

Dell Monitor

We are used to working on our laptops for long hours, but getting a big 27” monitor really gives you control over how many documents you can work on at the same time. The problem of having to juggle between multiple windows when you were working on multiple documents. Plus, your laptop can now double as an additional monitor. If you are using a Macbook, you might have to pick up an adapter. I use the 2015 Mac, so I picked up this adapter for HDMI – Thunderbolt. 

The main problem with this monitor is you’ll need a 15A plug point to connect it to, so you might need a new switchboard at home. 

Keyboard and Mouse

You could honestly pick up any keyboard or mouse on Amazon. I use the wired iBall mouse and a Dell keyboard. Both together should cost you under 800 rupees. 


We all have days when we are having difficult conversations with our boss but in the background your mom is asking you what to make for dinner or your dad is chiding you for not picking up your laundry. In general, you want to avoid the background noice from your washing machine while working. I would really recommend picking up a decent pair of earphones. 

Totally, your set up can cost you from 10k – 20k, but if you are working long hours on a system you should consider getting out of a laptop only mode.

I hate telling people what to buy and what not to, but I am super excited about my new work setup and I thought you would enjoy it too.

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