Institutional arbitration: The right choice for arbitration users in India

Hi, I recently co-wrote a piece for Bar and Bench on why institutional arbitration deserves more recognition in India and how it is not as expensive as we think it is. Here is the piece – do let me know what you think.

Infinite Zounds – the Quizzing blog is back!

From class 6-12, my favourite thing in life was quizzing. Weekends were for quizzing, weekdays to prepare. The friendships formed and the confidence gained through quizzing are things I am always grateful for. Back in those days, the best quizzing blog for Indian Quizzing was Infinite Zounds – a fine blog run by Ramanand. Coincidentally,… Continue reading Infinite Zounds – the Quizzing blog is back!

Flipkart, Murder, and more

From Abhinav’s Newsletter dated September 26, 2021 Hi, Hope you are doing well. Happy to share that this is the 50th edition of my newsletter. I don’t know if I have added value to you, my dear reader, but I am so glad I have been doing this. Today’s book recommendations are: Big Billion Startup: the Flipkart… Continue reading Flipkart, Murder, and more

On Privilege

The idea of how the lottery of birth determines our life outcomes is something I discovered only at the age of 18. I remember my legal methods prof walking into our first ever class at NLUD, where 80 kids with inflated egos had stepped in, assuming that having topped a national level entrance exam meant… Continue reading On Privilege

Starting a Successful Side-Hustle: Learnings from Ali’s Skillshare Course

Hi, Hope you are doing well. Recently, I took Ali Abdaal’s Skillshare course on starting a side project. I enjoyed the course and wanted to share what I had learnt over the short course. I could access this course from the free 1-week trial so please do check it out. I know I have been… Continue reading Starting a Successful Side-Hustle: Learnings from Ali’s Skillshare Course

Adam Grant’s Give and Take

Lessons from the Book 💭Premise People are of 3 kinds – givers, takers, and matchers. Givers are other-centric and focus on generating value for others. Takers are self-centric and want to corner value for themselves. Matchers will generate value for others if the recipient can help them out later. 🗣️Book in a line Give without looking at… Continue reading Adam Grant’s Give and Take