Youtube Channels to Explore

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Hope you are doing well. Too lazy to read, I have been binging YouTube these days. If you are like me, you would not normally watch YouTube videos on screenplays, math, or other things that we do not normally work with. But if you are generally curious and wanna check out random stuff, do consider these channels:

Every Frame a Painting

Every frame a painting looks at influential artists of the last 100 years and why their works speak to us. Ranging from Kurosawa to Chuck Jones to Marvel, you will think about everyday art in a much more meaningful way. Importantly, this channel is not pretentious and is not about the high culture of artistic society. Even if this sounds boring, do check out this video on David Fincher:

Lessons from the Screenplay

Honestly, this is the only reason why I even bother thinking about screenplays. Even if you don’t want to watch it, do check out their videos on 

  • Game of Thrones – How to evoke emotion
  • The Social Network – the Sorkin Model

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