Infinite Zounds – the Quizzing blog is back!

From class 6-12, my favourite thing in life was quizzing. Weekends were for quizzing, weekdays to prepare. The friendships formed and the confidence gained through quizzing are things I am always grateful for.

Back in those days, the best quizzing blog for Indian Quizzing was Infinite Zounds – a fine blog run by Ramanand. Coincidentally, right around the time I gave up quizzing, IZ also shut down. But fret not. Ramanand is now bringing back IZ as a newsletter on Substack, where he posts one fun question a day. It is a paid newsletter, but it is definitely worth paying. We should pay someone who spends precious time everyday to brighten up our day.

I am sure school and college quizzers would benefit from IZ. Even if you are a general trivia enthusiast or want to discover the joys of quizzing, you should definitely check out the newsletter.

There are some free editions every week – but I would strongly recommend the paid subscription.


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