On Privilege

The idea of how the lottery of birth determines our life outcomes is something I discovered only at the age of 18. I remember my legal methods prof walking into our first ever class at NLUD, where 80 kids with inflated egos had stepped in, assuming that having topped a national level entrance exam meant… Continue reading On Privilege

On Political Kindness

When was the last time you changed your opinion because someone called you a dumb genocidal moron? When was the last time anyone changed their opinion for that reason? When was the last time anyone changed their opinion? Human beings are not static creatures tethered to their opinions. We learn, we grow, we change, sometimes… Continue reading On Political Kindness

The Perils of being Political

Being political has a huge range of benefits. Having certain value, thinking about what a state should do, what is important for the citizenry are virtuous and make one a well-rounder person. However, being political has some adverse effects. This might not be a universal problem, but on issues where I have not chosen a… Continue reading The Perils of being Political