Fight Club, True Fans, and more


Hope you are doing well. Today, I am recommending a book I enjoyed, an interesting article, a video on a framework to make important life decisions, and a song I have frequently been going back to. Also, an update on the podcast I have been working on as part of the Podcast Lab by India Film Project and Anchor by Spotify.

Today’s book recommendation is:

Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk

There are 2 common ways to look at this book – one, as scathing satirical commentary on masculinity or two, as a recognition of how we dont have a place in society and our struggle to come to terms with it. Both of these takes are unnecessary and some books are best enjoyed for what they are – gripping reads which do the one thing that fiction must do – make you visualise the story it carries. You could read this book even if you have seen the movie, especially if you have. It is unbelievable how the movie almost literally adapts pages of the book – right down to the name of Raymond Hessel, a convenience store clerk who wants to become a veterinarian.

I do have my problems with the book – the gratuitous violence, the bitter darkness, and the lacklustre conclusion. But to each, their own, I guess.

The article I enjoyed this week is:

1000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly

Kevin is the founding executive director of Wired magazine. In this piece, he argues how the quest for a million subscribers/ fans/ or followers is misplaced. For a moderate monetary success, a better model is to have a 1000 true fans – the ones who will buy all of your products, tell their friends about you, truly engage with your work. This idea (and more) is explored in detail in this article. 

As I told you last week, I released the first episode of my podcast this week. I discuss the book ‘Give and Take’ by Adam Grant and share trivia on when rational customers pay more money for a used good. It is available on Spotify and on Youtube.

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