Hi, I am Abhinav, a law graduate. While I relish reading, I realised that merely reading does not let me get proper value out of books. So I chronicle my readings and thoughts here.

I can be reached at +91 8903784007 or at hansaramanabhinav@gmail.com 

I run Abhinav’s Newsletter, where I am presently discussing books – https://ahansaraman.substack.com

Learning to make a podcast with – https://podcast-lab.splashthat.com

I write The Lawyers’ Digest – where we summarise Supreme Court Judgments for Bar and Bench, a leading Indian legal news portal.

My views do not represent or reflect those of my employer or other organisations to which I am affiliated.

While I provide Amazon Affiliates links, please feel free to buy the books from your local bookstore. While I receive a token payment if you buy through my link, I will not discuss a book until I read it, enjoyed it, and thought you would receive some value from it.

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