The Perils of being Political

Being political has a huge range of benefits. Having certain value, thinking about what a state should do, what is important for the citizenry are virtuous and make one a well-rounder person. However, being political has some adverse effects.

This might not be a universal problem, but on issues where I have not chosen a side or where I have not tagged myself with a political label or a belief, I am able to listen to, analyse, and change positions easily. It does not mean that I have no positions, but only that where I am tagging myself to a political side, my ability to think critically is limited, if not subdued.

For issues where I have adopted a tag, I am unable to see the full extent of the ‘opposite’ argument or extend good faith to the person I identify as a political opposite. However, when someone from ‘my’ side makes some omissions of logic, I subconsciously and sometimes consciously skim over their errors. This might comfort me and entrench me into my position, but it is harmful for me and to general discourse in the long run.

Of course, this does not mean we should not hold political views or opinions. We should. However, we should develop the ability to recognise and call out our own bullshit. Especially on issues we hold dear to our heart and where our positions have solidified.

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