Archer, Music, and the Imperial Raj


Hope you are doing well. I find myself going back more and more towards fiction and I read Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Over my dead body’ this weekend. The fourth instalment in the William Warwick series, the book pits Warwick against his arch-nemesis, Miles Faulkner. Written in traditional Archer-esque fashion, this book discards some fantastic characters from the series and brings in fresh blood. While some of them enhance the story, some of them lead nowhere and the book was slightly disappointing on that front.

But, if you like mystery, twists, and wry humour, do pick up this book!

Coke Studio was something I picked up in college. While I enjoy many of their tracks, this song is full of energy and is such a joy to watch.

On Saturday, Amit Narang shared a tweet-storm on the fascinating history behind the state ‘Houses’ in Delhi. A thread on the history of the relationship between the Imperial Raj and the Princely states, this book is nudging me towards picking up Princely Palaces in New Delhi by Sumanta K Bhowmick. The thread is linked below:

While I had a relatively hectic week at work, taking some time to publish the third episode of my podcast gave me so much joy. I discuss Over my dead body and some mind-’blow’ing trivia on alternate cold medicines. It is available on Youtube –

and on Spotify:

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing it!

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