Psychology of Money

Over the last year, I have been actively consuming a lot of content on personal finance. The most popular book from last year on this topic was The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. As someone starting my career and receiving my first real salary, it was important for me to start saving/investing as soon as possible. At… Continue reading Psychology of Money

Great is the enemy of Good

 I have been thinking about trying new things and executing new projects and why we often fail or lose interest very early. If I wanted to start a channel reviewing tech gadgets, the first thing I am likely to do is check out Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel. Look at his production value, how great his… Continue reading Great is the enemy of Good

Are Productivity Gurus the Priests of our times?

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Over the last few months, I have been following a lot of productivity gurus and startup gyan folks on Twitter. This got me thinking, are they the priests of our generation? Who were priests? Priests were common folk who claimed to guide others to greater treasures they might not themselves possess. Some of them might… Continue reading Are Productivity Gurus the Priests of our times?

Does Branding Matter?

Hope you are doing well. Now that college is over, I have been thinking about my time there with rose tinted glasses. One thing I realised was how we often related people to what they claimed to like or to do than to what they actually enjoyed doing or did a lot of. Look at… Continue reading Does Branding Matter?

Why are some colleges better?

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Hope you are doing well. Recently, someone posed a question on a legal gossip site about why some colleges are considered better than others? Is their teaching pedagogy so good that they learn more? Are the students entering those places orders of magnitude smarter than the rests of the country?  The answer to either question… Continue reading Why are some colleges better?