Does Branding Matter?

Hope you are doing well. Now that college is over, I have been thinking about my time there with rose tinted glasses. One thing I realised was how we often related people to what they claimed to like or to do than to what they actually enjoyed doing or did a lot of.

Look at the way you tag or characterise your friends. Think whom you categorise as a sports fan and whom you categorise as a Game of Thrones fanatic. Are you tagging them a sports fan because that is the one topic you spend hours discussing? Are they actually some one more interested in crypto but you never talk BTC because you don’t like it? If so, is it fair to think of them as a sports fanboi?

If how you brand others makes such a difference, think about how crucial the way you brand yourself is – to how the world sees you and how you see yourself. Even to yourself, do you self brand as an enthusiastic cook or do you think you suck at writing even though you have never tried it enough?

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